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Shiny Purple Tea Kettle

  • Stay-cool handle and lid handle
  • Stay-open flip spout for easier pouring!
  • Two-stage whistle will get your attention for safety
  • Solid stainless-steel construction
  • Aluminum, dual-layer heating chamber on the bottom for even heating
  • 2.8 quarts large capacity
  • Usable on both gas and electric stoves (set gas stoves low enough to keep flames from wrapping around the sides)
  • Stamped with “Unapologetically Purple” and The Purple Store’s logo on the bottom
  • It wasn’t enough for us to just make a purple tea kettle, even though we knew our customers were so excited they’d probably have been happy with ANY purple tea kettle.  We wanted to design one with all the features we’d want when buying a good tea kettle.  It’s stainless steel.  The handle stays cool so you can pick it up off the stove.  The spout stays open when you flip it up so you can pour without holding your thumb over the hot steam. 

    We also saw some cheaper designs that would have saved a few dollars but had a single wall on the bottom.  If you’ve ever cooked on an electric stove you know how uneven the burners get (and gas stoves can clog a bit so one side is stronger); the extra layer of aluminum on the bottom forms a double-walled heating chamber for even, quicker heating.

    It’s also large to make enough tea when you have company.

    Oh, and yes, it is purple. And shiny.


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